Whois Database Download

Whois Database Download

Whois Database Download. This is how it works: to determine who owns a particular domain name, you need to reference the whois database. On this website, you can search multiple registrars and see who owns the domain.

What is the Whois Database?

The “Who Is” database repository of contact information for Internet domains and their registrant contact information. This includes names of people associated with those domains – including administrative, technical, billing, and registration contact information. The databases are maintained by each country’s governing body responsible for overseeing top-level domains (such as .com).

How does this information help me?

In approximately 30 seconds, you can view who owns a domain name, where that person is located, and technical contact information for any of the associated domains. Next to each name or contact info is the country where the registrant lives. Keep in mind that you will not be given the person’s email address, phone number, or website for verification purposes. You are only allowed to see if they hold a certain domain name. This can be extremely helpful if someone asks you to pay a fee under pretenses for a domain name that was never theirs to transfer it to them. If this ever happens, we would suggest reporting the fraud through your local government agency (e.g. Better Business Bureau, Department of Consumer Affairs, etc.), and file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center.

What if I suspect that someone is using my stolen identity in relation to this domain name?

The WHOIS database does not contain any information regarding an individual’s credit card information or bank account numbers. If you suspect that someone is illegally using your stolen identity, we suggest contacting both the issuing bank and your credit card company to cancel any unauthorized charges.

This site contains domain information based on the TLD (Top-level domain) registry from which the domain name registration has occurred.

This website is not affiliated with any entity associated with the actual registrant who owns the domain names listed in these databases. We will not provide email addresses or telephone numbers of any listed owner(s)/registrant(s) or internal registrar contact information for any domain name listed on this website for which a court has issued a notice, law enforcement agency, or regulatory body in connection with a criminal investigation.

This website is not affiliated with the actual registrant howsoever involved in registering domain names or hosting domains on any other website. This site does not host any domains, nor does it provide domain registration services.