Newly Registered Domains Database

Newly Registered Domains Database

The Domain Name System (DNS) bridges an IP address and a domain name used in Newly Registered Domains Database. It’s a hierarchy that has been developed over time to provide an easy lookup of information.

What does the daily database contain?

The database is updated daily and contains all new .com/.net/.org domains that were registered during the previous 24 hours (“yesterday” for the previous day). For more information about the time period covered, see below.

The new database includes all gTLDs (com, net, org) and ADRs (au, biz, etc.). Also included are ccTLDs from every country. For a complete list of ccTLDs included in the daily update, please view this page. Note: We are still working on upgrading to be able to display IDN characters.

How often is the Newly Registered Domains Database updated?

The daily update of the newly registered domains database is performed from midnight to midnight PST daily.

Why are .asia domains not included in the Newly Registered Domains Database?

However, most of the registrars do not yet allow the registration of any .asia domain names. Therefore, there has been no daily update to the newly registered .asia domain names because registrars are still making these registrations available to customers. This is something that we will keep an eye on and include when available.

Does the WHOIS data contain parsed fields that can easily be understood?

Yes. As a free service, the WHOIS information is parsed and shows a condensed form with only relevant data easily searched by the registrant, domain name, and registrar. The data is displayed by default in standard ASCII characters (a-z, 0-9) but may be displayed as Unicode if your browser or operating system supports it. Please note that you may not see the same results as in this example if the name is non-English script (e.g., Chinese).