Lists Of All Registered Domains

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of all the registered domains on the web? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we will look at all the domains that make up the worldwide web. So settle in, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to get domain savvy!

New Domains

A growing number of domain name possibilities have become available as new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) enter the market. These domains are an excellent way for businesses to establish their online presence further and stand out from the crowd.

Hundreds of new gTLDs being added to the Domain Name System, but each domain is treated equally by search engines and web browsers. With more choices, domain owners can be more creative in choosing an address that turns website visitors into loyal customers.

Some of the most popular new gTLDs include:

  • .app
  • .blog
  • .dev
  • .online
  • .store
  • .site
  • .tech
  • .tv
  • .web

New domains offer an opportunity for businesses to ensure they have the best possible web address by finding a domain that reflects their purpose, products, or services. They can both help attract customers and serve as a platform for online identity, becoming integral to branding in today’s digital world.

Total Domains

A domain name is a unique address for a website or network. It is made up of two main parts – the top level domain (TLD) and the second level domain (SLD). The TLD is a suffix such as .com, .net, and .org while the SLD is usually your domain name and can be anything you choose, such as your business name, organization’s name, or even a keyword phrase.

The total number of registered domains is constantly changing as individual entities, and companies register them for use. As of 2020, there are over 330 million registered domains across all TLDs, including country-code TLDs (ccTLDs). These domains identify websites worldwide that provide information on different topics, services, businesses, and more.

It’s easy to find the total number of registered domains at any time. Popular independent registrars Operating Company registrar reports listing the total number of domains registered each month in their respective databases. Additionally, both ICANN and various ccTLDs publish reports with more comprehensive data on how many new domains were registered under their respective programs each month.

Country Dataset

Nowadays, every country in the world must have its domain name. This allows businesses, individuals, and organizations to register a domain name that is specific to the country they are in. This Dataset contains information regarding all the registered domains of each country. It includes the domain name in its entirety, including all subdomains and any registry status of the domain, which can indicate if it’s available or already taken by someone else. Additionally, this Dataset includes contact information related to registering a particular domain, such as who owns it and how much it costs for upkeep or licensing fees. It also may contain data about valid expiration dates for domains and associated DNS servers. The accuracy of these records can vary from country to country since different countries have different regulations regarding their respective domains. This Dataset should be a starting point for anyone researching particular countries’ registered domains for any reason or activity related to those domains.

Generic Dataset

A generic Dataset is a compilation of all registered domains in the country. This Dataset includes top level domains such as .com, .org, .net, .info and more specific domain types such as .edu, .gov and country code domains. These domains are kept on a central database and regularly updated to ensure accuracy.

Businesses or organizations can use the Generic Dataset to help determine who is vying for a specific keyword or phrase with their domain name registration. It also provides information on how often domains are registered about each other and the expiration date of various domains as well. It can be used as an analytical tool to evaluate website traffic or help decide if registering a new domain would be beneficial.

Additionally, the Generic Dataset can provide information on where specific technologies are being applied by analyzing which registrars certain domain names use to host their services or products. This data can then be used for marketing purposes or to assess the popularity of a particular service in different areas worldwide. With this information, organizations can allocate resources accordingly for maximum benefit when launching their own websites or services.

Daily and Monthly Updates

To stay up-to-date on domain registrations and changes, it is essential to establish a process of daily and monthly checking. This can help you identify any changes made to your domain and those owned by competitors or other companies.

Daily checks are necessary to monitor any new registration of the same or similar domains that may present a trademark infringement issue for your company’s IP rights. Daily checks will also provide an opportunity for you to track any transfers or renewals of your domain names that could signal a malicious attempt at taking control of new domains similar to yours.

Monthly checks will provide a more profound analysis of the data gathered over each month and allow you to detect patterns in the kind of domain activity occurring throughout the industry. This will help you anticipate movements being made by competitors before they’ve taken place and give you time to react appropriately. An essential component of this is scanning lists compiled by registrars of recently registered domains so that all potential trademark infringements can be identified promptly and dealt with accordingly.

Free Domain Lists Download

Knowing what domains are registered and by whom is essential for several reasons. Companies can monitor the domains of their rivals or partners, and individuals or organizations can identify intellectual property infringements or protection efforts. To assist in these activities, domain histories are sometimes published for download as lists. Heeter & Associates provides a wide range of free domain lists formatted for easy import into any database.

Our download domain list consists of the following key features:

  • Basic domain name records – Domain, registration date, Expiry date, Status & Sponsor
  • Additional fields can be included when applicable – Update & Creation Date, Registrar Name & Registrar Status.
  • Information on any subdomains, as well as URLs associated with each record
  • Support for processes like list cleansing & data migration
  • Global coverage

We are constantly updating our list to keep up with emerging trends and changing protocols; this means that you have access to the most up-to-date information at all times. Our lists are updated daily, and free updates can be requested whenever needed.

Special Priced Bundles: List of every registered domain

Special priced bundles are the perfect solution for those looking to purchase multiple domains at once. This list contains every registered domain with its corresponding prices, allowing you to quickly compare and choose the best option. By purchasing multiple domains together in a bundle, considerable savings can be made—perfect for large companies and small business owners.

Each domain name available is registered through an accredited registrar and adheres to WHOIS regulations. All bundled domains are assured of having valid ownership documents attached, so you can rest assured that your purchase is completed in all legal forms. Every bundle also has a unique control panel for streamlined management of your registered domains across multiple platforms.

By taking advantage of this special pricing offer, you can secure a great deal on all your domain names quickly and conveniently in one simple step.

Regional Domains Database Bundles

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) publishes Regional Domains Database Bundles to keep its users informed. These bundles compile the most up-to-date information about top-level domains and their associated subdomains worldwide.

Each registry within the bundle includes information about an individual domain, such as its registration status, contact information for registrants, and registrar names. This data is constantly updated with new information as it becomes available, ensuring that only the latest facts about each domain are included in the bundle. Additionally, ICANN provides various tools that can be used to search through this extensive database of domains.

Regional Domains Database Bundles are helpful to those interested in web hosting, web development or digital marketing as they provide a wealth of insight into the current state of global web registration. This data can be used to identify trends in domain registrations, keep tabs on competitor domain registrations, or facilitate more strategic marketing tactics by targeting popular geographic regions for focus.

Most Popular ccTLD (Country) Datasets

Generally, ccTLD stands for “country-code Top Level Domain”. This refers to any domain at the end of a listed two-letter country code, such as or .mx. These two-letter country codes are defined and administered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). ccTLDs are administered and managed by regional networks or organizations that manage the parent TLD extensions under their local laws and regulations.

There are over 240 registrable country domains spread across all of the world’s countries, divided into seven main top-level domain categories: – General/open ccTLDs

  • Restricted/closed ccTLDs
  • Controversial ccTLDs
  • Reallocated ccTLDs
  • Conflicting ccTLDs

– Infrequently used/unused ccTLDs About 193 countries have their own accredited TLD registrars assigned to manage these domains on behalf of the local authorities, such as registries, registrars, and resellers for each specific region. Based on whois search data from over 2000 accredited TLD registrars from March 2017 to April 2021, The following datasets show the most popular TLDs in each region:

– Asia/Pacific Region: .cn .au .hk .in .jp

– Europe Region: .de .uk .es

– Latin America Region: MX br cl–North America Region: us ca

– Africa Region: za th co ke ng tz cm bw sl GH cd mu

– Middle East Region : sa ua eg QA ae om kw