Introducting All Registered Domains Database

Welcome to the ultimate resource for all things domain-related! From registering a new domain to learning more about the complicated inner workings of DNS – our All Registered Domains Database has you covered. So buckle up and dive in – your journey starts here!

All Registered Domains Database by WhoisXML API

The WhoisXML API All Registered Domains Database contains information on over 200 million domain names across 1,000 top-level domains. The database is updated daily and provides daily snapshots and monthly, quarterly or yearly snapshots for easy access to historical data.

The WhoisXML API All Registered Domains Database contains the following information:

  • The domain name and top-level domain
  • Creation date
  • Last updated date
  • Registrant names and contact information
  • Nameservers and the hosting IP addresses
  • Registrar ID and domain status codes

The WhoisXML API collection of products offers users a comprehensive view of data associated with registered domains. It provides real-time valuable intelligence for market evaluation, analysis, due diligence investigations, and tracking corporate assets, among other applications.

Domains Index

A domain name is a unique address assigned to an entity or individual on the Internet. Types of domains can include top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, and .net, second-level domains (SLDs) such as google, yahoo or apple, and generic domains such as tech, engineering, and marketing.

The All Registered Domains Database is a comprehensive index of currently registered domain names worldwide. The database includes all top-level and second-level suffixes and associated registration information.

Registered names are sorted in alphabetical order within their respective categories, and registration data fields within each entry are identifiable. Searches based on partial matches, wildcards, substrings or exact matches can be conducted to locate specific entries of interest quickly. Data fields typically included in the All Registered Domains Database include domain name registration dates, expiry dates, contact information for the registered entities (if available), IP addresses for websites hosted on these namespaces, and other relevant details such as current DNS configuration settings.

What Are the Uses of an All Registered Domains Database?

An all registered domains database is an extensive list of domain names and their associated contact information compiled from public sources. This database is often used to help companies and individuals with research, marketing, security, and legal purposes.

For businesses, an all registered domain database can gather market intelligence by quickly identifying the number of competitors in a particular field or locating the owners of potential target websites. Companies can also use this information to conduct due diligence or enforce brand protection policies by uncovering infringing domains. Additionally, some companies may use this data when researching prospective customers for conflicting domain purchases, which could lead to costly trademark infringement issues.

Individuals may use the all registered domains database for similar reasons, such as competitor analysis, identifying infringing websites, and conducting due diligence on potential investments. This information can also help protect intellectual property rights by notifying individuals if another individual or business has purchased a domain name similar to their brand name. Additionally, some people may access the database to buy domain names as an investment opportunity, as many businesses will pay large sums of money for high quality domains that they deem valuable regarding increased exposure online.